Oculus Quest 2 128GB with extra battery in strap for sale (Europe only)

Oculus Quest 2 128GB with extra battery in the strap (not the original strap) for sale in belgium
I ask 350 Euro Excl. Shipping .
the Quest 2 comes with the box , upgraded no sweat face mask , aftermarket Batterystrap (replacement for original) , Link Cable , USB C adaptor to EU PLUG , spacer for glasses (if you wear one)

DM me for more info

theyre cheaper brand new

549€ in belgium without the extra battery strap

that doesnt change the fact that anyone can find it for way cheaper.

usd is $400? he stating 350 euro, so your saying its even cheaper that that to buy brand new? 300 euros?

i can get a used oculus 2 for 200. brand new on amazon theyre 350.

damn so cheap for used, thanks for the info

a stock Quest 2 is like 250 euro 2ndhand but i got better equipment like the no sweat eyeguard and the strap with a extra battery in it …

Can Be Closed ! SOLD!