Oculus Quest 2/VR Quality from DLNA

Hi all,
First off, this community is awesome. Definitely love finding so much insight here so thank you in advance.

I wanted to see if there was a solution for VR video quality when steaming downloaded/local VR videos from my DLNA to my quest 2 via DEOVR.

My Issue:
Videos I download from NA or VRCosplayx that are 4K and higher look nowhere near that on my quest 2 when steaming from my DLNA.

But, if I steam videos from SLR, it’s perfect and HD as expected. Even my 4K 2D videos stream in HD.

Is this an issue with my DLNA or are my settings off on my quest 2?
Am I downloading the wrong file type from NA/VRCosplayx ? (usually the highest res available for quest 2 or other available quest option).

Just curious if this a thing or if it’s just my issue.
Apologies if I’m double posting this problem.

Would love some insight and tips.

Thank you in advance!

Hey :wave:

I think it’s actually the DLNA setup of yours. I can stream 8K videos locally via DLNA in DeoVR without any problems.

Best make sure that the interface over which the DLNA service is provided is capable of the high throughput rates. I would recommend that you connect the PC running the DLNA service directly to the wifi router via Ethernet.

Also, I recommend that you connect the Quest to the wifi on the 5GHz. The 5GHz has a shorter range but higher bandwidth compared to the 2.4GHz.

Also make sure that you have disabled transcoding for the DLNA service. Otherwise, the video may be “downsampled” before it is sent to the Quest, which will affect the picture quality.

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Wow thanks for the insight. I never considered that. I actually just converted my HD to a DLNA. I don’t have a software or anything. Any suggestions on which to use? I’d like to have a similar set up and use DeoVR.

I use KODI for my DLNA - works great with DeoVR - and no transcoding.

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I use MiniDLNA for Linux and MacOS. It’s a command line tool with no GUI.
Here is a good thread regarding media servers and other software: List of VR players, interactive software, media servers, etc

Dood. Thank you so much. Appreciate all the tips. I think I’m gonna go with Plex and see how it goes. I’ll keep you updated !

Hey there! So I did some trial and error and I realized that the quality of the video is actually really good, but when the video is VR style with the double image for the left and right eye, I have a problem. If I keep it like that, the quality is great (but who wants to watch 2 images lol). When I change the settings to mono on the Deovr video player settings and then to the 180 degrees so I can see it in front of me, the quality dumps.

So any video I have locally that has the image doubled (for like a VR Cardboard phone setup), loses quality when I make it viewable in quest 2 (via Deovr). Any tips on this ?

Thanks again for being so helpful!

  • Did you also activate Side by Side in addition to the 180°?
  • Check if your zoom level is somehow set to a value other than 1.0
  • Try to activate the option “Video > Force Mono projection on this video”

Otherwise you could also test if the video is sharp in another DLNA player.

This actually helped a shit ton. The 2nd and 3rd points. Thank you so much. Super helpful.

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Glad to have helped :smile:
So the problem is probably with your IPD. Try moving the lenses in the Quest to a different position. Maybe that will help a little bit more:

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