Odd formatting issue with Firefox

So this has been happening for a couple months or so now.

When the page is initially loaded, the formatting is messed up. Here’s an example from right now:

If I do a full reload (hold Shift and hit the reload button or F5), it goes back to normal, which looks like this for the same page load:

It doesn’t show up in an unauthenticated window. So if I nix all cookies from the site, things look normal until I log in. Each tab loaded starts out with the messed up formatting, and each can be fixed by doing a full reload. This kind of thing does not happen with any other web site, though I can’t say I visit any other sites with this particular forum software.

It does not happen with Chrome, but I hate that browser (the UI is abysmal). It worked perfectly fine with Firefox previously, but I can’t really say whether it’s the forum software itself which is the problem, or something specific to this site.

Anyone have any ideas?

I’m using a fully updated version of Firefox and have no issues as you describe it. Have you tried it with your extensions turned off? Maybe one of them (if you have any) cause some interference. Also try disabling any adblocker for the site (no ads to block here anyways).


Seems like you using the mobile version of the site.

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i also use firefox with no issues :thinking: