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Official thread for site improvements (Think tank)

Hi guys, and hopefully girls.

I thought it would be great if we started an official thread where we can discuss improvements on this site.
Maybe it would be easier for mods (or everyone?) to collect some feedback in one thread instead of having 100 different topics.
I may be out of line and perhaps one topic kills this whole category. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

It doesnt even have to be long walls of texts, if we have this thread anyone with a great idea just have to write one single word, if they want.

If this topic is approved people need to know that comments posted here is just suggestions and you cant expect your idea will be implemented anytime soon - or at all.

No need to stress or put pressure on moderators.

I’m always very happy to discuss ways that we can make the site better.
However I think one ‘mega thread’ is substantially harder to moderate and keep track of than individual threads in the Site Feedback category - that’s what the category is for, after all!

There are often times where ideas end up controversial and result in a large amount of energetic discussion - having more than one of those going on in one thread would definitely not be ideal :stuck_out_tongue:


I get it, wasnt a lot of discussion here going on anyway.

If u want you can delete this thread!

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