Offset for handy in Heresphere

Hi. I was wondering how everyone adjusts their offset for the handy in Heresphere. It used to line up perfectly for me but then I moved houses and seems to be off somehow. Do you use the same offset as you get when you test it on the handy website or is there another number that’s easy as a start point and then just make a slight adjustment from? Also if you know of an easy guide for this, it’d be much appreciated as well

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sometimes if its plugged in too long itll throw it off but usually it doesnt need an offset. If you still notice it is off I would unplugg it for thirty seconds then retry to connect. I also use this script as kind of like a benchmark, because sometimes the scripter can just be bad. So this script ive iterated on several times. It is extremely accurate to the movement in the video.

You can also go to the handy website to sync it up too

would you use the same number in herespher that you get from the test on the handy website?

handy website should resync it back to 0 in theory

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thanks! I’ll try these methods