OFS Audio "heatmap"

Im just wondering if there was a way to sync an audio file with your script in OFS, in the sense of while im scripting relying on frames alone can be difficult at times and seeing if there is an audio spike on that frame would be Handy (pardon the pun). Put short import an audio file and have a Script based on audio amplitude for reference.

This fits better under the Help category.

In OFS, you can enable waveform rendering on timeline by right clicking on it → “Update waveform”.
I’ve found varying result with this. Sometimes the waveform are not very useful.


There is a tool called Funscript Generator which detects peak in an audio and generates alternating strokes based on these peaks. You can use this if the video has a consistent sound that you align your strokes to.

Maybe FunscriptDancer will help?

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