OFS how can I mark the point quickly?

I desperately need a way to mark a point the seeker line is on to move it quickly left or right instead of putting a new point and delete the old one which is time consuming.
There is no key command in the setting for selecting a point.
Only way atm seems to mark a point by mouse, not double click which would be logical but hold left mouse button. Not nice if you are zoomed out.

I think what you do is hold the ctrl key while clicking on a point. Once its selected, you hold shift while pressing left or right. What I do is just go to the point on the timeline, then hold ctrl and shift while pressing left or right. This shifts the point and moves your video preview to the new position to make sure its correct.

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You can move the closest point left or right if you use shift + left/right arrow key.

Yeah I use that but you have to mark it first and that’s the problem. Will try ctrl-click. Doubleklick is free and would be nicer but as I read there is no more development anymore?

If you are in between points then shift + arrow key shall move the closest point. No need for selection. I never select points unless I need to mark a group of points. But maybe I just misunderstand your problem.


Ah ok I tried and get it now. How do you unselect points quickly if you come from a marked area or motion detection? As shift arrow will move that marked part instead of nearest point then. Ctrl-d does not seem nice. I am thinking of putting play pause on p and using the spacebar to unmark all?

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Yup, you can tie any key to unselect. Definitely useful to do. I use Z.

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Moving those close points is fast, thanks!

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Is it possible to mark everything to the right of the marker? This would be very useful if you start to get into the next curve when you move points that you copy/pasted before, to regain some fit. Marking by mouse to the right and returning by down button or mouse can be time consuming.

Edit found it its select right in special. Possible to put on key?
Edit2 Yes its there, very useful command ctrl-alt right

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