OFS not opening funscript file

Hello, I could not seem to find anything on this but I updated OFS to the latest version (1.4.1) and now I can only open their new funscript project files…is there any way to get it to open actual funscript files for editing? I have a script that needs to be offset significantly but can’t get it to open to fix it.

Thanks a bunch, and sorry if it’s a repeat question, closest thing I could find was trying to use Funscript.io but am having a hell of a time trying to get it just right with that.

Close current project and import the video. If the funscript is named as the video the funscript will be loaded. You can also import a funscript. Open is now only for project files (introduced in 1.4.0) and when you save you only get a project file. Use export to save the updated funscript later.

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Renaming the funscript file to the same as the video worked!

Thank you and good to know on the project file and export features.

Alternatively you could use “File → Add → Existing” and choose funscript after loading the video in.

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