OFS reencode file?

I think it was the third tutorial video it is said to reencode the file to have better keyframing. Is this mandatory or can someone elaborate when we need to do this? Large files only? I made a couple of classics that have small files and it does not seem I needed them to reencode. The scripts don’t seem off.

If you notice a lag or slight delay before the picture updates when you step frame by frame with the arrow keys then you can get rid of that lag by reencoding the video.

So its just faster working while setting the points? Quality of script will not suffer if I do not reencode?

Just faster. The quality shouldn’t be affected unless you do something really strange in the reencoding.

No I mean if I script unreencoded, unchanged video, it does not affect or delay the script. Reencoding is not a “must do or bad script” thing?

If you set points based on the image before the next frame has been decoded you will set points in the wrong spot every now and then which affect script quality, but if you always wait for the next frame to be decoded and shown properly then you will not be affected of not reencoding the video. Personally I always reencode the video regardless of video size.

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