OpenFunscripter 3.2.0 For MacOS

### :information_source: Details
I am a programming and Mac expert, and I am very happy to find this community. Funscript is a very interesting thing, and since my main device is a Mac, I spent some effort compiling the MacOS version of OpenFunscripter 3.2.0.

Please review my profile to find my post. My current main goal is to provide standard paradigms for multi axis script creators, all of which are generated through code. In the future, I will also implement more complex works through code.

### :memo: Notes
In this version, the shortcut keys still start with “control key”, and I know many Mac users are accustomed to using “commd key"

Remember to rebind the shortcut key for the action because Mac does not have a keypad, but many script creators use a keyboard to create actions. The menu is Options → keys

### :memo: Compatibility
It is my Mac info

Usually, compatibility mainly depends on the version of MacOS and the type of CPU (Intel or Arm)

1.M1, M2, M3, and subsequent CPUs are supported. In this case, the program will be translated and run through Rosetta
2.Intel’s CPU will be able to run directly

MacOS version:
minium MacOS Ventura 13

Don’t worry, if you encounter any problems, I will find a way to help you solve them. If it cannot be solved, I will refund you.

### :memo: Support my efforts
:woman_technologist: I went to Starbucks several times and had nearly 10 cups of coffee to solve various problems during the compilation process. I’m a bit weak now and I need a little rest.

In fact, the two examples of using code to generate multi axis scripts that I posted on free scripts were even more challenging. I spent a lot of time researching mathematics, animation, and how to use code to implement them.

If you have some spare money, please support my work and efforts.
Processing videos on Mac is efficient and smooth, and then you can use it to create scripts, This will be very cool!


Hello. Thank your for this tool, but I don’t understand, we need to pay to download it on your patreon, not only follow you ?
Maybe I was on the wrong way, but I thought OFS is a free / open source software

Otherwise before eventually subscribe, does this version work on old Mackbook from mid 2012 ? (work on minimum which OS ?)

This is probably a violation to terms. The OFS software is GPL 3.0 which doesn’t allow to put the it or derivate work behind a paywall. It must also be free and under GPL 3.0.

The port will be appreciated. However, keep in mind OpenFunScripter is GPL licensed. Your modification of the program must remain open-source.

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You have to provide the source code but it can be behind a paywall.


I understand the author want some compensation for the time porting to MacOS, but I admit it shock me a little to pay (even it is only 2€) for a program free on other system. Wanted to be sure he can do this, But if he has the right, I don’t want to launch a controversy :slight_smile:

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I stand corrected:

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Now just want to be sure if I pay this conversion will work on my old MacBook :grin:

Your Mac is indeed a bit old, but compatibility mainly depends on the CPU and MacOS versions. I have updated the details of my post, please read it again

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Thanks for the precision. Maybe I’ll take a look at it.

@codeScripter Hello I’ve tried to use the app.
The brew install worked fine, but I’m unable to use OFS, minium MacOS 13 required when trying to open it, Im stuck at 12.6.
Maybe add this minimum OS version in your posts :slight_smile:
Have a nice coffee :wink:

Edit: tried as well on MacMini M2 with MacOS 14, the app can be opened but nothing appeared

Here is how to compile it for mac if anyone interested: Anyone know of a Script Maker App for Mac OSX? - #15 by Mongoose

@kinetics I think I should have read this article earlier so that I don’t have to explore many things on my own!

Thank you for Mongoose’s guidance. It is indeed necessary to do so. Intel’s program requires Intel’s brew to match

Here is his guide:

If you’re on an Apple Silicon (arm M1) Mac, we need to pretend we’re on an Intel machine so everything actually compiles. (This will open a new bash shell and use Rosetta to emulate an Intel machine – if your Mac prompts you to install Rosetta, do what it says)
For Apple Silicon Macs only:
arch -x86_64 /bin/bash
[opens a new fake-Intel bash shell]

For Apple Silicon Macs only, we need to install homebrew again (sorry). This will hopefully work! It’s very messy to install homebrew twice, as normally homebrew for arm installs to /opt/homebrew/bin/brew, but we have to fudge things for our fake-Intel build so we get fake-intel mpv which OpenFunscript needs)
For Apple Silicon Macs only
arch -x86_64 /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

For Apple Silicon Macs only—first we have to explicitly set a load of exports for the intel version of homebrew, as we’re running in a fake-Intel bash shell where these may not get set automatically and they’ll be needed later for cmake & make, then we run the x86 version of homebrew to install mpv
export HOMEBREW_PREFIX="/usr/local";
export HOMEBREW_CELLAR="/usr/local/Cellar";
export HOMEBREW_REPOSITORY="/usr/local/Homebrew";
export PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin${PATH+:$PATH}";
export MANPATH="/usr/local/share/man${MANPATH+:$MANPATH}:";
export INFOPATH="/usr/local/share/info:${INFOPATH:-}";
/usr/local/Homebrew/bin/brew install mpv

Thanks @kinetics and @codeScripter for links and time.
I have managed to compile myself OFS on my old MacBook, seems to correctly launch. I will see during production if all going well. Why I have not see this post before too :wink:

I will try later on MacMini, my priority was to install it on the laptop to produce scripts watching TV :wink:

@codeScripter no need to refund me on patreon, with pleasure for your time

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Please try it. If there are still any issues, please right-click on the app ->Display Package Content ->Content ->MacOS ->OpenFunscripter. This is a Unix executable file that can be opened. If there are any errors, you can see them. You can take a screenshot and I will help you find a solution

Congratulations, those who use Mac computers are usually smart people

Remember to rebind the shortcut key for the action. I’m going to rest now

If you’re looking for a challenge @codeScripter, would be awesome to get the motion tracking funscript generstor to work on a Mac. Not sure it’s possible though.


A very good idea. I will explore the possibility of this matter
If I succeed, I will either start a separate post or update in this post