Openfunscripter - 3D View + Multi-Axis Scripting

Hi there, does anyone know how to get the 3d view in OFS to visualize multi-axis scripts?

Also, does anyone have tips for scripting multi-axis scripts for the OSR2 - specifically around adding pitch to existing funscripts?


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Full instructions in post below: Openfunscripter - 3D View + Multi-Axis Scripting - #5 by sentinel

Thanks Sentinel. How do you add it? Does it not need a lua?

Never used it myself, but read the posts after. Seems that there is info there. Something about enabling the websocket API in OFS and the need for Godot which is a free 2D/3D game engine.

Ok, so here it is:

  • Download Godot. Since I’m running Windows 10 64 bit I went to and downloaded Windows - .NET - Standard (x86_64) . Godot doesn’t require installation.

  • Download a zip containing the simulator project from GitHub. The zip download is available if you click on the green Code <> dropdown menu button.

  • Unzip simulator somewhere.

  • Unzip Godot somewhere.

  • Run the Godot exe (Godot_v3.5.3-stable_mono_win64).
    – Click Import on the right.
    – Click browse and navigate to the simulator folder that you unzipped earlier. Select project.godot and click Open.
    – Click Import & Edit
    – Click the small play-button in the upper right corner.
    – You can minimize the Godot-window if you want.

  • Open OFS.
    – Select Websocket API from the View menu.
    – Use default settings and put a check mark in Server active.
    – Close the dialog.

The simulator should now be connected to OFS.

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Thank you!!

@apport @sentinel There is a prebuilt release on github: Releases · OpenFunscripter/OFS_Simulator3D · GitHub


Related question - is there a way to link OFS to OSR so you can test your script without having to export a funscript?

MultiFunPlayer supports connecting to OFS, not sure if anything else.

Thanks Yoooi, how do you do that?

Maybe you find your information here. Note that this feature also depends on enabling Websocket API in OFS first.

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