OpenFunScripter - Playback frame skip, frame preview not working

Hey guys,
I’m encountering an issue when scripting a video; weirdly one specific VR video.
The issue is that when I hit play on the video in OFS several frames are skipped before the video plays and when navigating frame by frame the video preview fails to show the current frame.

I haven’t encountered this with any other videos, which leads me to believe this is either due to the video file itself, or the performance when scripting this particular for some reason.

Here are some details of the video:

If any of you have experienced this, or have any suspicions as to the cause of the issue I’d be very grateful for any help :slight_smile:


Have you converted the video using iframes before staring to script? The most common issue is too high resolution combined with the fact that a normally encoded video consist of mostly partial frames. By reencoding the video you get only full frames at a lower resolution which eliminates lag and skips. Read/view more about it getting started posts in the how-to forum category.

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I haven’t converted it, that could very well be the issue!
I’m new to scripting so wasn’t aware of this - I’ll give that a try and will let you know if it helps :slight_smile:
Thanks dude!!

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