OpenFunScripter won't import a new script/video

I’ve nearly finished working on my first script, and have now discovered a higher quality version of the video I’m working with (which is slightly shorter in length). I’d like to import that video to my project to replace the existing one (or import my existing script to a new project with the higher quality video).

However, when I try to import, an error appears that says “OpenFunScripter failed to import. Does a project with the same name already exist? Try opening that instead.”

A project with the same name does not exist. I’m stumped. What am I doing wrong?

not the good process. Use Project/Pick different Media to change the video

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Yes! That worked, thank you! I thought I was going to have to start again, and it’s taken me hours! :slight_smile:

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you said one version was shorter, would be smart to check the already scripted parts if they still match it might be completely off with the new clip

Thanks, I checked that and you’re right. It was off. I selected the entire script and shifted it so it was back in sync. The script is up in the free script section now.

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