Opinions on Dezyred and its script-ability

It runs on the Play’a app
Could SLR ever support something interactive like this?
Im hoping this will be the adult industry’s Amaze

Well, what’s nice for the Handy anyway is there is an open API, so if they wanted to, the developers could integrate the handy into this game. It seems like each “choice” is already pre-recorded though, so even easier, they would just have to make scripts for each scene and give you the option to connect Handy, Launch, etc. before launching the game. I think it’s definitely doable, but I’m not sure about the technical side of this stuff, so could be wrong

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This can be cool to do it in the other way. Toys with detector so the toys is not moving according to the girl but the girl moving according to your move in the toy :wink:

There are two ways this can be done, either each ‘story node’ in the branching choice-graph is its own script, as icyprotocol said, or the entire 7+ hours of content is one script and you just pause the script playback while the user is making their choice, and jump to the right section of the script when a new video section plays.

The first option is easier for scripters, but the second option is better from a technical perspective, since you don’t have to wait 20 seconds for a new script to be sent to the Handy every time you make a choice, which would be a big problem for choices like ‘fuck her harder’, ‘let her do all the work’.