Optional Payment SLR


I was wondering if there were any ways to paying for SLR with a prepaid card or some sort. I wanted to keep it private. If anyone has a work around or suggestion or knows of a prepaid card they’ve used to buy it that’d be great.

Thanks in advance!

Are pre-paid Visa cards not a thing where you live? You can buy them at many stores, and you typically choose how much money to put on them at the register. Works exactly like a normal credit card once you have it.

For some reason, they are being declined unfortunately.

I’ve never used this so I can’t confirm. But maybe a virtual credit card service like Privacy.com, to my understanding the charge would go to the virtual card number and then the payment that shows on your card would just be paying to Privacy or something. Of course you would then have to have an explanation for that too, but it might be easier to get away with.

You could possibly just start using the virtual card for a lot (or all) online purchases, and explain to S.O./Family/etc… that you just like the security benefits of not giving your actual CC number to every sight (genuinely not a bad idea, so it’s believable). And then just use it for whatever you don’t want people knowing about.