Organizing Scripts

I’m a bit of a data hoarder and I’ve got about 750GB of scripts and videos and it’s starting to become a bit difficult to pick something. I haven’t even seen half of these videos but there’s just so darn many I usually just pick a known good one instead of browsing for something new.

My organization structure is a bit of a mess, I have some folders that just have thousands of scripts in them. As of late I’ve been trying to keep them in folders roughly separated by month of acquisition, then broken down into Standard, VR, Multi Axis, and Game, but I’ve been doing that for about six months now and even that’s getting to be a problem.

I got the free trial of a file browser called Eagle that lets you tag and label and preview media, but since it actually creates a second copy of every file and renames them to a hash of the file contents, it breaks script connectivity and completely obliterates my hard drive space, so that’s a no go.

So, anyone got any tips for maintaining a reasonable media gallery?

My setup is really basic with three categories: Action based, Audio based, VR.
I sort my videos based on created date (most recent first), which I use to checkout new stuff. Mostly I use shuffle where a random video from the active folder/filter is played.

I create symlinks to the videos from my “main” library, which contains unscripted videos, to the Action/Audio/VR funscript folder whenever I download a script so I can keep both libraries organised without duplicating the actual videos.

I organize mine into:

  • Interactive (this is the parent folder and also a sort of inbox for new scripts so I can test them before sorting them)

    • Favorite Interactive Porn

      • Favorite 2D Scenes
      • Favorite VR Scenes
    • Interactive 2D

    • Interactive Hentai

    • Interactive PMVs

    • Interactive VR

    • Scripts with no videos (scripts that I hold onto until my subscription rotation comes back around to grab the video)

Personally I use XBVR to manage my collection but I have almost exclusively VR videos.
Otherwise there’s Stash that’s less VR oriented but I haven’t used it.

My organization:

  • Staging: Scripts without videos
  • NotRated
  • Rated-1 (Not Interested): Only scripts. As the number of rated 5 and permanent get higher, it took over Rated-2 and 3. 4 is next.
  • Rated-4
  • Rated-5
  • Rated-Permanent: I backup all the .funscript but only backup videos from this folder. If I ever get stranded on a desert island (with my PC, Index, and OSR2), this is the folder I want with me :grin:.
  • FavoritesWithoutHaptics: I used to have a dedicated folder for Haptics, but now it’s the reverse since I mostly watch with Haptic, except when I’m searching for a scene to script.

Also, when I’m downloading a script, I’ll add the scripter name in the filename. When I’m “rating” a script, whether I like it or not, I’ll try to check their other scripts at the same time. Sometimes, this allows me to rate a bunch of scripts at the same time.

But, honestly, I’m losing the war. There are too many scripts now to try them all, especially since I’m often testing my own scripts. Right now, I have 125 scripts in ‘Staging’ and 370 in ‘NotRated’.

I use stash and think it’s amazing. Don’t know about VR but great for both organising and playing 2D scripts.

Here’s what my library looks like, with some filters I’ve saved. It is producing heatmap and script speed automatically. I can add ratings and filter/sort in any way.

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What do you do to get it to display the heatmaps and script info? Is there a way you can get ScriptPlayer to integrate with it to automatically connect to something, or do you still have to open the videos there to get them to connect to a device?

You just keep a funscript file in the same place as the video, with the same name a .funscript extension to make stash pick it up.

No need for scriptplayer, stash is also linking the Handy and playing the script. Not sure about other devices. Makes it really easy to switch between vids and you can make playlists.

Hm, mine don’t show the heatmaps even though I have the funscripts (and the generated heatmaps) in the same folders. Is there a setting for it?

I don’t have a Handy, so I can’t directly connect it, seems I’ll still be using ScriptPlayer to connect for the time being

EDIT: Actually I think I found it. I didn’t click “Generate”, I just assumed it’d generate when I scanned, so now I’m waiting for it to generate content for what is actually 1.2 Tb of videos. Apparently I have over two weeks of porn.

…sorry to have to ask stupid question, massive noob here, can’t get past first stage with Stash. In that i’m trying to ‘Select Directory’ but it only seems to allow access to C: and all my files are on K:. Tried setting it as a Task, no joy, initiated a zero-second scan.

i’m obviously missing something blindingly obvious, does anybody know what it is…?

You need change the text yourself, so in the window that says C://, you just change the C to a K.

Im at the point myself where Im trying to figure out how to actually connect the Handy to stash. Pretty lost here.

go to settings > interface > scroll down and you’ll see a section " Interactive Options" and you add " Handy Connection Key" there and it should be smooth sailing from there

…oh for Pete’s sake, i was backspace deleting when i needed to highlight and deleting. Thanks for the tip…