OSR-2 and 2+ Robot Build open for Orders! Example videos

Some of you may have heard of an exciting new sex robot, the Open source Stroker Robot, or OSR-2. If you lack the time, skills, or knowledge to build one yourself, you are in the right place.

What actually is this thing?
It’s essentially an open-source Launch, but has much more functionality. Thanks to raser1, you can watch any video that has a funscript file with precise matching motion. Thanks to the flexibility of VaM, the machine will match the movements of virtually any on-screen motion with the VaM plug-in. This is not an injection-molded, mass-produced device in some factory. These are 3d printed and put together with care by me personally.

So why not just buy a Launch?
This machine is much more capable, responsive, accurate, and has 2 (or 3) axes of motion. The Launch can only go up and down (one axis).
It is open source, meaning anybody can develop software for it.

Please contact me directly with what options you’d like to have. All prices are USD.
$175 Main unit. The OSR2. This device is 2 axes, perfect for VR videos with a companion funscript, or some light VaM fun.
$220 Upgraded main unit. The OSR2+. This device adds a pitcher servo, which adds back and forth motion. There are currently no funscripts with support for this, but it is fully supported in VaM.

Additional options, available to anyone:
$90 Modular heated case, detailed here.
$20 T-Valve, detailed here.
$165 Upgraded servos. This is a pricey upgrade, but they can be quieter and smoother than the servos included by default. This option also requires the Custom power bus.
$65 The T-wist. Just what it says. It adds twisting to the receiver. Details here.
$10 Custom power bus. The default one is fine for basic use, but there is no on/off switch, and extended sessions might cause wear on the internals. This is a highly recommended upgrade if you plan to use this regularly. This is a custom-designed PCB, not something made out of random wires and a bread board like other vendors sell. Co-developed with IsaacNewtongue
$55 i-Lube. This squirts lube directly into your fleshlight sleeve at the push of a button. Pictures will be posted soon.
$15 Case Fan The new base has an optional fan lid. The fan is highly recommended for use with the upgraded servos.

Additional options, available only to TempestVR patreons (sign up here). TempestVR is the creator of this project, and wants to respect his patrons by limiting the designs from the past 3 months to them.
Nothing at this time

All products include:
All electronics programmed, assembled, and ready to use.
Priority shipping to anywhere in the US. YOU MUST HAVE A US VERIFIED ADDRESS ON YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. If there is an issue with your PayPal payment, like the shipping address isn’t in the US, or your address isn’t verified, I will send you a refund minus the PayPal fee. PayPal keeps the fee now even on a refund.

Not included (must be purchased separately):
Power supply ($16) - I am currently using this one
Micro USB cable - cost will vary depending on the length you need.
Fleshlight ($70)
VESA Mount ($25-$35) - I am currently using this one
Optional: Isolator Mounts. These do not work miracles, but they can help reduce vibrations transferred to your mount. Just make sure you get a set with M4 threads.

Free software:
JoyFunPlayer (JFP). Latest version as of August 21, 2020.
Arduino IDE (I do the programming, but this is still needed for JFP to work)
You will need this to use funscript files in either 2D or VR, which also needs Whirligig (free or $5 on Steam)

If videos aren’t your thing, this product is also fully compatible with VaM.

Please contact me directly for pricing, along with what options you’d like to have and your PayPal email address. I will send you an invoice through PayPal once we agree on options and pricing.
Don’t buy from other vendors who have no experience dealing with the intricacies of building these devices. I have sold over 60 units to very satisfied customers in the past six months, mostly at RTS. My RTS for sale thread.


Sample videos are currently here.

Welcome! :wink:

does the osr 2 work with kiiroo sleeves as well ?

it depends on the sleeve case you are using, it was built around the fleshlight sleeve cases, but the cases will take a kiiroo sleeve

I would assume not. The device accepts a fleshlight case, which twists and locks in to the receiver. I’m not familiar with the kiiroo, but I’m not finding an adapter for it. The sleeves do look pretty similar, so if it does fit properly in one, you’d just need a fleshlight case.

Since I have both (Fleshlight and Keonsleeves) I went into the bathroom and put a Keonsleeve into a Fleshlightcase. The sleeves are a bit smaller but only on a minimal level; so it´s a bit more loose but this already sounds as an overstatement. So as long as you don´t go in dry with a lot of friction and the most hardcorescript in existence the sleeve shouldn´t fall out of the case, it´s still secured by this round lip that holds it in place. So no adapter needed. Hope this helps

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How to connect with you? Your link to RTS site is down.