OSR 2 troubleshooting help whatever

I just purchased this and cant do jack shit with it any help would be appreciated seeing as the company who sold it doesn’t have any help to give.

Very vague. Have you tried plugging it in?

I might help, but without knowing what’s going on this is the best answer I can come up with.

plugged into my mac with usb and powered idk what to do next

i got xtplayer or whatever but idek how to connect my device to anything

apologies for the vague post this whole device setup has gotten me stumped for the like the last few hours

You need to figure out what serial port was assigned to the device when you connected it to your computer. Should show up on XTPlayer>Edit>settings>connection tab. Select Serial on the left side and hit connect on the right side.

so i was able to do that and it shows up as cp2102 usb to uart bridge controller it connects but doesnt move

You may be missing the driver for it.
I don’t exactly remebember where I got mine, but based on the device name, I think this should be the one (Based on this reddit post Reddit - Dive into anything):
CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers - Silicon Labs

Otherwise I used the Arduino IDE to interface with the chip, which fixed all my driver issues.

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so i just installed the mac driver what do i do from. there?

Just a disclaimer, I did this on windows.
After that I tested in Arduino IDE if I could connect with the chip, as an arduino UNO.
When I installed I just checked for it to install all drivers, and that worked just fine.
I have been using MultiFunPlayer with my OSR2 without issues since

You can get the arduino software her:

i got the arduino app on mac but i dont know what im supposed to do with it and the chip as far as the video tempest posted on patreon a while ago im clueless as to how to connect it to anything it doesn’t move or anything when i click upload on the arduino app it says 1 of 10 (up to 10) not in sync

If this is not working, I am not sure what to do.
But be happy it failed. When you click “Upload” you overwrite the program on the chip, so don’t do that.
You should just be able to read the board info. If that is not working I don’t know what to do next. Sorry

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thanks for letting me know that its all good brother i appreciate you taking the time to help even though its not your problem lol

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Im having the same issues i just bought the osr2 + all the way for over 700 dollars and im into tech but i dont know 90% of whats going on with this thing.
theres no easy or straight foreward way to make this thing work and i dont understand any of it.
i really wish for 700 dollars i could at least get a site like the handy where i can just connect drag and drop vids and scripts and it just works.
mine has sat in a box for 3 weeks becasue i cant figure it out.

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Keep in mind these are “DIY” products not commercial. You’re just ordering from someone willing to do the 3D printing and assembly for others (the cost is paying for that assembly work mostly). See if this helps Help and Resources – Your Hobbies Customized LLC. There is a user manual at the top of the page with good info.

I tried the user manual on there already still nothin

What are you using to power the servos?

Maybe you can try https://www.ayva-stroker-lite.io/
Click on the red disconnected button in the upper left corner of the page, select your USB serial, and click free play

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