OSR Upgrade Idea - Grasp & Align Base Penis

Hi Guys,

I’ve been experimenting with building an add-on that grasps the base of the penis to align it the fleshlight. The concept is a rod with one end that attaches to the base of the OSR and the other at the base of the penis.

Three approaches been designing:

1) Simply Fixed: you put it on and it just helps keep your penis vertical and aligned with the fleshlight.The rod is secured to the OSR and a hoop goes around the base of your penis.

2) Auto Alignment: similar to above, but a servo is attached that adjusts the rod to align your penis as needed. The adjustments would ideally be automatic but obviously gets more complex by using computer vision or adding a couple sensors behind the fleshlight’s silicone to detect pressure/missed strokes with the penis inside.

3) Auto Grasp: this is the one that I’m most exciting - essentially if you have the OSR mounted at your desk/bed/shower, this would find your penis and grab it/align it with the OSR.

The idea this would bring a whole new world of immersion both for starting to use the device and also during use if strokes go higher than tip of the penis.

Has anyone else been thinking about this/have thoughts?


Have you tried posting your thoughts on the Tempest discord?

Thank you make_fun - I haven’t, how is easiest to join?

The discord requires the lowest tier of access on the TempestMAX patreon, so if you’re already a member of at least the $2 tier then you can join the discord here:


The server access is on the membership tab. If you aren’t a member or are worried about price, I’d encourage you to join and poke around for a month. I’ve learned a ton about electronics, hardware, CAD design, software development, and 3D printing. Highly recommend it.

It’s like thinking with your dick, but managing to help your brain for once.

Thanks, MakeItFun! Definitely would like to join that group! Is it possible to pay anonymously?

I’m not sure what patreon allows, honestly. It’s possible to use whatever method patreon accepts.

I don’t necessarily think these are bad ideas, but for the cost of R&D and implementation I wouldn’t really think they would really have any worth.

As for me I typically use my Turbo Thrust sleeve which has a loose opening and then another opening further in. Then I just set the heights accordingly to make the loose opening act as a guide; if you’re going to mod anything it’d be along these lines and the main functions of the OSR2/SR6 should remain the same imo.

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Thank you GoonerScriptz! That’s great feedback - I didn’t know about that type sleeve. Will have to try it out.