OSR2 3D Printed VESA Mount for Machine Vise


I have created a VESA 100x100 adapter/mount for machine vise from TheGoofy Yet ANOTHER Machine Vise by TheGoofy - Thingiverse

You only need a m3x30 screw with nut to join the two parts. The Machine Vise use only 3d printed parts.

VESA holes are for M4 screws.

You can spread the machine up to 19.5mm. If you need more, i join the f3d file so you can edit/remix this mount as you want. If you don’t know how to edit, tell me the size you need and i will edit it for you.

Printed with 25% infill in PLA.

You can find it here : Machine Vise - VESA Adapter by ViceDeNice - Thingiverse