Osr2 connect to quest2 question

hey newbie here, till now been using keon which has been simple ran script/vid locally via slr.app.
now wanna get osr2 and need help understanding to connect please.

i have a not so powerful laptop that cant play 8k videos. Can i play videos locally on the quest 2 say via deovr, and use the laptop to run just the script?
and does the quest2 need to connect to laptop via link/air link?

I ‘think’ you can use the time server feature in HereSphere to connect to a funscript player running on a PC, but I am also looking for a proper answer to this as I’m building my OSR2 soon.

I haven’t actually looked yet so I assume the answer is around.

In the past i used heresphere (installed on quest 2 via sidequest) with Multifunplayer installed at my Desktop PC (with should also work fine with older Notebooks). There is a good guides here how to connect it via IP Adress. Its not that difficult

cool glad to hear possible to run videos locally on quest 2 and just script on laptop, thanks!

We are adding full scale OSR2 and SR6 support to the SLR app with upcoming updates. And releasing multi-axis scripts New to interactives: Multi-axis scripts

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