OSR2+ Dimensions of largest printed piece


I was wondering if anyone could share what the dimensions are of the largest 3d printed piece of the osr2+? I’m about to pull the trigger on an ender 3 (220x220x250mm) and the tempest patreon, but I want to check before I drop any dough.


You can print every part of the osr2+ with that printable area.

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Thank you

Do you know if a print area of 18×18×18 cm would also work?

I can’t say for sure, but I wouldn’t go smaller than the 22x22x25 to be safe. When you start trying to print on the very outside edge there can be issues with the clips that keep the print surface from moving getting in the way, or it not being flat all the way to the edge, or inconsistent temp at the edge. You might not have those issues going smaller with a resin printer, but I haven’t used one myself. I don’t think anyone who’s gotten into 3d printing ever wished they’d bought a smaller one.

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The longest part in the standard OSR2 is less than 17cm.

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