OSR2 is a bit angled to the left when it is supposed to be rotationally centered

Is there a way to tweak this? I put the servo horns on after unplugging and replugging so the servos should have been centered, but when I start using it it has a bit of an angle to the left. Is there any way to adjust this in multifunplayer or another app?

MFP can do it with the axis sliders. If you’re running Khrull’s firmware u can do it there too.

How do you do it in MFP? I’m not seeing a setting for it


It’ll center to the midpoint of the limits I believe. So you can “skew” them to one side, like I have on R2.

You can also re-flash the microcontroller and fine-tune this in the “// Arm servo zeros” section.


This issue is caused by cheap servo horns having seemingly random alignment of the grooves inside. I’ve broken several of them, and each time I replace one or the other, the alignment is different. Adjusting in software as described above (JoyFunPlayer also has a left/right skew option) is the workaround.

It’s also possible to get higher-quality servo horns which are cut consistently. Knowing which ones they are beforehand is less easy. The ones I’m currently using are branded Axial, and are cut the same, so they line up perfectly without software adjustment. However, they are a different shape (thicker shoulder, which also means they are less likely to break), so I had to adjust the arm design to accommodate them.

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