OSR2 Jittering and unable to support weight

but does the light stay on when you start a script?
they are fully stripped like metal to metal and tightened down as much as can go ?
and like move it throught the arduino ide and put codes in the Serial Monitor like L0999,L0000

Yeah, the light is on when the script in running. And if I use L0999 in the serial monitor, sometimes it doesn’t go all the way up. It’ll go up a bit then it’ll start jittering and go back down. It’s not one move either, since it couldn’t go all the way up, it’ll just keep jittering and lowering for a while even though I’m not entering anything else. This might be an issue with my power supply or it might need a power bus.

I took off the fleshlight mount to test the arms and I noticed something strange. When the arms experience resistance, they move in different directions. The right arm will push through and go all the way up, the left arm will go all the way down. Any idea why this is?

take all the arms and servo horns off ,reset the board then upload the ino to the board ,then attach the servo horns if they are straight then tighten the servo horns down ,unplug everything from osr ,plug back in and test the codes again ,adjust the servo horns till they are at a 90 degree from base of osr

I’m getting the same issue, I’ll use the serial monitor to test it and put some resistance on the arm when it moves, it causes both arms to shake then they’ll move in opposite directions. one will go down and the other will go up.

nothing else would try a different power supply ,that still has jittering personally i would get different servos still same issue would just switch to the esp32 then hell you basically have all the parts for a sr6 if nothing else .mean im still stumped cause went through everything i know of to check

Upload the firmware again. I had something sort of similar happen when rebuilding my OSR2, despite nothing changing, and that was my solution.

Just to update everyone, this issue has been solved. I replaced the micro controller with an ESP32 and added a power bus.

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