Osr2+ or osr6 for script providers

Hi! I recently got a 3d printer for the holidays and I made an osr2+ and an sr6. I started browsing for scripts and noticed majority of them are for single axis. I understand there’s a lot of script providers on this site who only script for single axis because they don’t have an osr2 or sr6. I have this crazy idea if anyone who wants to write scripts for multi axis but don’t have a osr2+ or sr6 I can certainly build one for you. The majority of the costs for osr2.1 is just 3 servos and 1 esp32. All I ask is you pay for the servos and esp32. ( and send me the scripts you create :joy:). The sr6 is harder because there are 7 servos and the 4mm bearing rods are a pain in the ass to get depending on how busy I am at work I can certain make one if you provide those parts. DM me if any script writer is interested. Well established script writers only please.