OSR2 or SR6?

I want an upgrade from the Handy, i can get either one but i do have to get them prebuilt because i don’t have a 3D printer.
I’m trying to understand which one is better for me, i need it to be able to mount and dismount and be stored in a drawer without destroying them, i’m also trying to figure out how big they are because i can’t find any measurements on the internet.
So i wanna hear the experiences of any of you guys that have any of those two, which are the flaws and pros of both?

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I have had my SR6 for a while now and love it. I dont have a tape measure to tell you the exact measurements but here are some photos with a Monster energy can for reference. I do have a desk clamp attachment on mine for easy removal and storage. I hope this helps.

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So it just clamps to a desk or the desk mount has to be drilled and attached to the desk permanently? That’s one thing i didn’t understand

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Yes, the “standard” clamp mounts to the edge of a desk and is tightened with wingnuts or something similar. Both the OSR and SR6 have standard VESA mounting holes, so you can use many different types of mounts with them. Lots of people seem to use monitor mounts. I prefer the desk edge since it is very rigid (if you have a desk), and can be setup and taken down very very quickly.

I personally prefer the OSR2+ over the SR6.

  • OSR2+ has half the # of servos, which allows most reasonable budgets to get higher quality servos for smoother operation. I would rather have an OSR2 with good servos over a SR6 with cheap servos any day.
  • OSR2+ has half the # of servos, which is quieter (still not quiet).
  • The movement of the SR6 seemed very “mechanical” to me - could be due to the cheap servos, or due to the extra amount of torque making very powerful movements. Either way, the OSR2+ felt a lot more natural to me.
  • Working on and repairing the SR6 is more involved - many more parts and complexity.
  • SR6 costs substantially more. These are hobby devices and may require some maintenance, tinkering, and parts replacement. The price of the SR6 may cause more disappointment/frustration when issues are encountered.
  • The OSR2’s pitcher servo can be different than the L/R servos, so you can save some money there. The SR6 must have all identical servos.

All this being said, the SR6 is absolutely more powerful. If you’re into extremely fast scripts and heavy sleeves, the SR6 may be for you. Spreading the workload across multiple servos can be an absolute game changer if you’re a speed demon. Also, if you are “gifted” down below, the SR6 will handle long strokes and sleeve tightness better than the OSR2.

As for the additional axis, I personally didn’t find much of a difference with the additional movement axis - but I’m guessing it would be fantastic with dedicated scripts or the VAM plugin.


As g90ak mentioned. This mount just slides onto a desk and then you can tighten some wing nuts to keep it from moving. After a while you may need to replace it as I have noticed after a year of use the 3d print is starting to break a little more each time I use it. The clamp does have some pads to protect the table from scratches too. One thing I will say about the SR6 over the OSR2 is that even though a lot of scripts may not incorporate all 6 axis, it is nice to be able to adjust those axis depending on your preference. I have had both the OSR2 and SR6 and both do a great job, I just needed to replace my OSR2 at one point and decided to just upgrade to be able to test out the scripts I made.


osr2 w/ upgraded servos over an sr6 imo.

I’m gonna use the fleshlight just because that’s what’s they’re designed for and I don’t have anything else anyway.
Is the range of movement even noticeable? I’m looking forward to use it with VAM and Koikatsu with the love machine mod.
One more question, is the twist module even reliable? I’ve seen the design of it and I have no idea how it’s gonna last more than like 5 hours of use

It’s reliable as far as I’ve tested. It’s loud as fuck though. The older parallax servo was super loud, but newer designs allow for standard servos to be used - those are still pretty loud due to the 3d printed gear mechanism as well as the additional servo spinning. Didn’t add enough for me to make it worth the added complexity and noise. It also adds mass to what the main servos need to move, so it’s really not a worthwhile upgrade IMHO. Other people swear by it though, so YMMV based on your personal preference as well as the sleeves you utilize.

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Decided and ordered an SR6. The movement sold it, it just looks a lot more in terms of how it can move, i can do my fare share of tinkering so i’m not too worried about maintanance and stuff like that.
Thanks for everyone who responded

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