OSR2 or the SR6?

I understand both the OSR2 and SR6 are very similar with the SR6, with the SR6 being the more recent one and having more axes, but I believe the SR6 is currently in beta? With those in mind, which one would be better for new adopters to buy since they’re very similar in price?

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Disclaimer: more educated replies than mine will probably be given.

Comparing the price, do not forget about the twist module. Looking at M0SAIC’s store, OSR2+ with twist is 22% cheaper than SR6 with the twist upgrade. If at some later point you decide to upgrade the servos, upgrading SR6 will be twice as expensive as upgrading OSR2+.

Personally I went the DIY way, 3d-printing and assembling my OSR2+. Learning about 3d printers took a lot of time and ordering the parts was time-consuming too, but the actual building turned out to be quick and easy, everything worked from the first try, which felt like a miracle.

I will try making an SR6 once the beta build instructions are out. It is going to be cheap due to all the reuse.

If I were you, I would risk it and get SR6 out of curiosity. Or go the DIY way for its massive fun factor.

I don’t own an SR6, but I’ve heard it works really well and is a definite upgrade to the OSR2; also that’s it’s more durable because the stress is spread across more servos than the OSR2. Whichever you get I recommend the twist upgrade, it’s a must have.

I built both. I started with the OSR2, loved it. Then after a few weeks I wanted a little more and upgraded to the SR6. The SR6 definitely offers more and the extra degrees of freedom mix things up in a way the OSR2 cannot. I wouldn’t let that give you FOMO though. The OSR2 is worth 80% - 90% of the experience imo. And , if you buy the OSR2, the electrical components are cross compatible, so you’ll have half of what you need for the SR6. My only strong suggestion is to buy the twist module whichever way you go, it adds so much for so little. Also, as far as Beta goes, the SR6 is far more capable and no less reliable than any off the shelf toy.

I would consider comparing the cost of a buying the OSR2/SR6 vs the price of components and a cheap 3D printer. It’ll cost more, but avoid the markup on plastic parts and give yourself the ability to upgrade as the projects progress.

The bigger question to me, is how you plan to use the device. If you’re planning on using VAM - then SR6 is probably worthwhile. If you’re only planning on using scripts, then most of the benefit of the SR6 is lost and I would recommend the OSR2+.

Personally I would go with the OSR2+ and upgrade the servos - the reason to not go SR6 is because it’s so expensive to upgrade all the servos in an SR6. To me the quieter/more powerful servos made such a big difference to my enjoyment of the device.

I would love to see the SR6 heavily modded, or even a new device altogether, that would mimic the motions of the machine in the AIM EE videos posted here. The key would be to incorporate 2 sleeves to work the shafts independently. I imagine a Quickshot cut in 2 would work.

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i’ve been working on this (well i don’t have the video but i think it’s similar) with the legendary Vamrobot in Tempest discord (or here but i’m not ready since i don’t have an assembly guide yet).

It’s called the OSR2x2, it’s not using 2 sleeves but use Quickshot and a wide range of Onaholes.
There’s 2 stroke axis with independent movement, allowing unique motion (bending, compression, vibration).
Contrary to other homemade devices, it’s controllable manually too with buttons.