OSR2+ Parts acquisition

Wondering if anyone had a place to get the parts for the OSR2+. Already own a printer and subbed to TempestMax’s patreon so I’m just trying to source the other parts. Can’t find a lot of the parts around me and would prefer to not go to the Bezos store. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I sell an electronics kit that has all the hardware and electronic parts needed.

Let me know if you have any questions.

It really depends where you live. If you want to buy it locally u should search for rc shops they probably have servos and mountings for them. I bought usb C female port to power it up from a smartphone charger but anything that can output 5-6V and 3A (i have OSR2 so you better get something with 4-5A) should do the work. I bought servos from ali and didnt spend on them a fortune but i would consider buying some higher quality ones. I saw a thread about best servos so try search for that. If you dont want to run it from romeo ble mini (cause is kinda expensive) you can use arduino uno (like me) for example or esp32 (people said it works too). If you have acces to patreon discord you will find ready model with mounting place for diferent board, I built mine from free files that are on thingiverse but redesigned it to hold arduino and added a clamp for easy mounting solution.


Don’t think I could ask for an easier answer. Gonna order this tonight, thanks.

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Almost all of my parts came from Aliexpress. Took about 3 weeks for it all to turn up.

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