OSR2 Questions

  1. It looks like my OSR2 is broadcasting a wifi signal. If it is, how do I turn it off?

  2. MultifunPlayer only opens once and then will not open again until I delete it and unzip a new folder of the files. Any idea why?

  3. The servos are slightly misaligned and the teeth of the arms or whatever don’t permit aligning them perfectly. Is there a way to tweak the arms alignment in the arduino interface?
    I know you can adjust the roll in JFP but it’s still janky.

  4. I can’t tighten the bolt on the right arm of the OSR2 because of the ilube without disassembling it. Is there a better way to do this?


connect to that wifi network and set it up to connect to your home wifi. you can login to it on the local network and adjust the home position + other settings.

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Thank you!

For #2, did you try killing the multifunplayer process in task manager before trying to start it again?

  1. yes, load up the sketch, there some variables set to integers for each servo near the start of the code, just change those variables slightly (like in increments of 10) and reload, this will change 0 position of them. Though if things are misaligned and they didn’t used to be, it’s possible the horn on the servo itself is loose and should be tighter (try lock tight if you haven’t), if the horn has been stripped of its teeth you’ll want a new one.

Hm…well alright, so I followed the instructions on this site:

and now my OSR2 doesn’t work anymore. I’m sad. Very, very sad.

Also angry.

I connected to the tcode wifi directly from my computer, if that matters.

Do any of you fapstronaughts know how to fix it? I try to get by on my own as much as I can but this stuff is pretty far outside my experience. I had more trouble than I thought I would just getting the new servos installed.

Thanks much.

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