OSR2+ Servo replacement for different types

I would like to ask for help.
I have an OSR2+ equipped with SPT5535LV 35Kg servos. One is broken. My question is, can I replace the faulty servo with a different type of 35kg (DS3235 25T)? Will it work with two types of servos (2xSPT4424LV and 1xDS3235)?
Thanks in advance for any help!

You might want to consider moving the other/new servo to the tilt or whatever. I would think, unless the gearing on the up and down ones are very close on the mentioned servos, they might fight each other somewhat.

Remember to re-calibrate when changing servos.

Those look like they have very similar specs, so it will probably work. The thing to look for is a difference in speed at the voltage you’ll be using. That’s provided as the number of seconds it takes to move 60 degrees.

The SPT5535LV is rated for 160ms @4.8V and 140ms @6.0V.

The DS3235 is rated for 150ms @5.0V and 130ms @6.8V. So it’s probably pretty close to 140ms @6.0V, making it a decent match for the SPT5535LV.

That said, those are just published specs. They may or may not translate properly into real-world performance. So you’d be better off taking the advice of the first reply, and putting the matched servos on the arms, with the different servo on the pitcher.