OSR2 setup

I’ve just assembled the OSR2 and have no idea how to actually use it. Seems like in order to use it I have to pay for a patreon subscription. Is this true? What software is required and how do I actually make it work? I’m dumb and I have no experience with any of this

if you have assembled it you need to flash the firmware onto the board - either the romeo or the esp32 one, after that simply connect it to your computer and use it with MFP or something similar.

Do you know where I can get the firmware? I have limited knowledge on this topic

How did you come to get the parts and assemble it with no information?

I have the pdf of instructions but it doesn’t really make sense to me. I’ve got the arduino ide program and the .ino file but only one servo moves after uploading the file. If I switch the servo cables the opposite servo moves. Is one of my servos dead?

I understand that this is probably annoying but the instructions for this aren’t clear and all the necessary programs are proving difficult for me to find. I’m honestly about to trash this thing

If both servos are moving, just not at the same time, then clearly they both function.

At this point, I think you should take a picture of the inside of your OSR2 case and explain more fully how you’ve wired it up. There are a couple options, and without knowing what you’re trying to do, it’s hard to think what you might be doing wrong.

Aside from that, I’d encourage you to not get frustrated. While the OSR2 is not a plug-and-play device, it is definitely far superior to anything out there when it comes to response time and speed. You should just accept that you’ll need to exercise your patience and be prepared to learn new information in order to take advantage of the aforementioned superiority.

The instructions stated to plug the left servo into #2 and the right into #3 on the Romeo. I did that. Loaded the .ino onto the Romeo. Only one servo moves at a time. Then there’s the migraine inducing hunt for programs and correct files that would even make the thing function.

That is not what the instructions say. They say to plug the servos into the headers marked 2 and 3. Those are the first two headers on the board (there is no “1”). You are plugging the servos into the wrong headers.

As for software, for basic functionality, you just need JoyFunPlayer, which you can find on this site. That will let you sync scripts to VR videos in either Whirligig or DeoVR (the former is superior, in my opinion), and 2D videos in MPV (a very basic player). You can also load 2D videos in VR, which is my preference.

Oh. Maybe the instructions have changed. I just got the initial .stl files + pdf instructions from thingiverse. The instructions I have say to plug into 2&3 and the board I bought has 2&3 labeled. I’ll try your suggestions. Thank you sir.

Be sure to look closely at the board. If you have an older Romeo board, the servo outputs will be 2, 4, 8, and 9. The newer boards are 2, 3, 8, and 9. Your instructions should have this information under the heading “v2 vs v1.1”. If you do have an older board, you’ll need to modify the Arduino file (it’s just text, so any text editor will do) as instructed.

Screenshot_20211102-212758_Samsung Notes

This is what the instructions day and I’ve done exactly that. I have no idea what else I could to to make this work. I am out of my depth here. 2 and 3 and side by side and labeled accordingly. I have plugged the cables into the assigned spots and still it doesn’t work.

My mental health is the worst it has ever been. I just want to simulate human contact. The instructions to this device are subpar in the thingiverse file I downloaded. I have used all my available money to buy the parts necessary for this and I can’t afford an ongoing patreon subscription. I have nothing left. I am trying to make this work and I don’t understand why it won’t. I have followed the instructions provided and have acquired the right materials and yet it doesn’t work. I honestly don’t know why I keep trying anymore. Of course this wouldn’t work. I don’t know why I even tried.

Fuck it. What’s the point?

Hey man, I’m no expert, I’m still putting mine together and the scary bit to me is the ‘programmy’ side of things. So yeah, no help to you at all :sweat_smile:

But, stay with it, if you can afford just one month of Patreon you’ll find just about the most helpful group of people I’ve ever come across. They’ll answer every single Q you have.

Stick with it, you’ll be ‘there’ in no time :woozy_face:

Show a picture of your wiring.

If you use firmware 2.7 or higher you have to plug the left servo into 8 and the right into 3

Also , use the powerbus if avaiable. 2 Servos might be fine but if you try to run a third or a fourth it might damage the board.

I made an OSR2+ recently and it is awesome. Stick with it you’ll be happy you did.

I would recommend spending the $8 to support the inventor of this device on his patreon. Do it for the 1 month then cancel once you are all set.

You’ll get the latest build instructions, which are straightforward, you will get access to the latest firmware for the device, and access to the discord server with access to a bunch of people who know what they are doing.


Goodluck hellboy