OSR2/SR6 games?

I am planning on getting an osr2 or sr6 (still haven’t decided yet)
Any suggestions are welcome.

I am in search of any games that are compatible with these devices.
Ps: i already know of vam, looking for anything else.


I am also interested in this.

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I can confirm all of to4st’s mods are compatible with the OSR2.

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Would these games be compatible with the SR6 as well?

The mods I made were done with the SR6 in mind, as that is what I’m using. The communication protocol is the same for both OSR2 and SR6. The SR6 is just able to move on more axis.

I’m not sure how my mods’ scripts translate to the OSR2. Maybe @ARandomKid1 can comment on it?
My scripts might include pitch, roll, sway and surge, but the OSR2 can only play the roll. There is an addon to allow for pitch as well if I’m not mistaken. So you only lose sway and surge by going that route.


Informative, thanks <3

I use the linear versions of the scripts with the OSR2, and they certainly work well enough for me. Maybe someday I’ll put together an SR6 so I can actually compare the two, but the linear scripts work as intended as far as I’m aware.

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