OSR2/SR6 Mount with rotating arm

Since I got my OSR2 last year, I have been trying to find the perfect mount for it.

Using a VESA plate for the OSR2 is a good idea but, usually, VESA mounts are optimized for heavy monitors that don’t move. They are not made for a swinging device that goes up and down all the time. At least, the one I bought from Suptek didn’t really work well in the long run.

I have been replacing parts with 3D printed parts to improve the design and remove the ‘rattling’ that occurred, with different levels of success.

But, after all this time, I finally got a design that I like and should last me a long time (since it ‘embeds’ metal parts inside the 3d printed parts).

I’m curious to see if others peoples are interested in something like this.

This is it, in all its glory :wink: :

When not in use, it can be pushed away like this:

For me, it has the following advantages:

  • Once configured, it’s always perfectly set up. You always have the same experience.
  • If you can leave it in place, it takes less than 10 seconds to be ready for a ‘session’.
  • Can be used with a sofa chair.
  • Nothing obstructs your legs.
  • Upgradable, if needed
  • Stable enough for the scripts that I like (ref: my scripts).
    Note: I’m not sure how it would fare with a 900+ unit/sec script.

Here’s some screenshots of the 3D printed parts:

Top View:

Some people might say that it’s a bit over-engineered. Those people might be right but we don’t like those people anyway, so we ignore them :wink:

More details on thingiverse (bill of material, build instructions, STLs, fusion 360 files, etc):


Wow that’s pretty intricate, though it sort of looks like Wall-E’s arm ready to give a handjob :joy:

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I’m pretty sure that robots giving handjobs was part of the human experience on the spaceship. It must have been cut from the movie to keep it PG-13 :wink:

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I’ve had similar struggles with arm mounts for my OSR2+ (with twist and tvalve). The monitor arm mounts seem to always move. It’s been incredibly frustrating at times during a session, since I really love being handsfree! Sometimes the arm moves so far off from center that if I don’t intervene I can slip out, which can be dangerous/painful. I’ve been searching for a mount with locking mechanisms that’s strong enough to hold its shape and not vibrate. This looks like the kind of solution I’ve been waiting for. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for sharing. I am going to give this a print should I get the opportunity.

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It tried a few things (magnets, etc) before using this simple ‘compliance mechanism’ to lock the arm. The good thing about the compliances mechanism is that I can simply change the thickness of the grabber or the size of the opening to make it more or less strong. With magnets, it was hard to adjust the strength (and it was also way too weak, even with 3 x 20mm magnets).

Do you have the STL for the power pack holder

PowerAdapterHolder.stl.txt (121.2 KB) (remove .txt)

thank you

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