OSR2/SR6: Where to download STL files for Onahole adapter

Hey there, anyone happen to know where I can find the STL files to print the following:
Geogan’s Onahole La Bocca Della Verita Holder V1 – Your Hobbies Customized LLC

Or This:
Adapter For Smaller Inserts – Your Hobbies Customized LLC

Or alternate mounting solutions for a ZXY or Tomax onahole sleeves on an OSR2/SR6?

Its in the “hardware exchange” on discord. Not sure how/if should link it on here but the post date is 10/6/21

Thanks, that makes sense! Any tips on how to get on the discord? I’m subscribed to tempest’s patreon, and connected discord, but it doesn’t seem to work. I can’t get on the channel.

I never had a problem with that. Have the $8 tier tho. Patreon says that you are connected under settings? and you have Patreon linked to Discord?

Ok, the access is sorted now. Something was wrong with my discord account where it had age-restriction enabled.

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