OSR2 successfully connects to intiface central but doesn't work

I successfully connected the OSR2 to intiface central by modifying the “buttplug-device-config.json” file, and it also shows up in the connected devices with the name “TCode v0.3 (Single Linear Axis)”. But no matter if I slide the slider in the intiface central or use EDI to connect to the intiface central, my OSR2 doesn’t work.

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Does the osr2 work with other programme such as MultiFunPlayer? Just to make sure it isn’t a problem with the OSR2 itself.


It works fine on MultiFunPlayer.

And i used the DG-Labs Coyote TCode script on the intiface central, the output from the intiface central is normal.

I’m guessing that maybe OSR2 didn’t recognize the commands sent by intiface central?

did you figure this out. I am having problems as well. I can connect to intiface and edi but cannot get them to work on games.

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