OSR2 - Wifi & Arduino Uno?

Hi there, two questions:

  1. Has anyone gotten wifi or bluetooth added to their OSR2 so its wireless?
  2. does anyone have an OSR mount design for using an arduino uno?

Thank you!

I used ESP32 for my OSR2, flashed this firmware by jcfain, and it can be connected wirelessly via 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi.

It also support Bluetooth, though I didn’t bother for fear of its frequency limitations.

Thanks Falafel! Any instructions for how to power the ESP32? Is it possible to power it using same power source as for the servos?

This must be possible though I’ve never experimented with it. You will need to wire the ESP32 into the circuit so that it can be powered by a single power source.

I didn’t do that because I prefer serial connection, and I’m concerned that I would burn the ESP32 (or even my PC) if the power source accidentally disconnects. If you mod it that way I recommend to use wireless only.

it is, but it needs to be highly regulated and clean. Voltage spikes cause the ESP32 to reboot and maybe rip your penis off.

Thanks Guys! So you have two power cables coming out of the OSR2 - one to power the motors and the other for the ESP32, and to control it, you are using wifi?

Yes, I have 2 cables coming out of the OSR2 - one for the brains, and one for the muscles :slight_smile:
ESP32 is powered and interfaces with my computer via USB (get a high quality cable that supports data).
And the servos are powered directly from a power supply (I use a Meanwell one).

I don’t see any advantage of going wifi since I’m already plugging the ESP32 into somewhere separate. Might as well be my computer :slight_smile:

I leave them plugged in all the time and zip tied to my mount for strain relief, haven’t had an issue. The ESP32 is powered up 24/7 and I use the power button to kill the power to my servos. The PSU stays on 24/7 otherwise. I just chuck the whole thing into a cabinet in between use. Setup and takedown is just a matter of fiddling with the desk mount clamp and you’re good to go (other than sleeve care of course).

Excuse the shitty sleeving job. I keep telling myself I’m going to put some heatshrink at the end, but I’m lazy.

That’s super helpful - thank you, g90ak! Noob question, but do you know where I can find a wiring diagram for the esp32 or is it the same as on an arduino?

It’s totally different. And different firmware use different pins. And there are different versions of the ESP32 board. Here’s a pinout of the most commonly used one. Keep in mind that it is facing up, so you kinda have to rotate it in your mind lol. Def not easy the first time doing it haha.

If you’re building it yourself, keep in mind that you will need to share a ground between your power supply and the ESP32. I just make a small jumper between the ESP32 and the negative power bus.

You need to look up the schematic of the specific board you choose to buy, as they vary from one implementation to the next.

The board size can vary, too, so you’d need to either be sure to pick one matching the case you have, or modify the model and print a new one.

For a functional OSR2, basically

Servo positive → Power positive
Servo negative → Power negative
Servo signal → The correct output pin on ESP32

By default:
Left Servo → D15
Right Servo → D13
Pitch Servo → D4

Thank you, Gang! Ordering an esp-32 now. Has anyone had success with using wifi and how they configured it?

Configured via the firmware that you flash to it. They’re all a little different. I use krulls firmware. Easy. WiFi works fine.

Thank you! Looking forward to try it! Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

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