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OSR2 without a PC?

From what I understand the Handy (or was it launch?) can connect directly to the headset (quest 2) and run scripts stored locally or off SLR. My computer is super old, it can run the right players but when it comes to VR video or linking my headset it doesn’t work. It can run regular 2d videos with script, but anything related to VR is not possible.

Couple questions, is there a way to completely eliminate the PC all together and run VR and script/or SLR directly on my Quest 2 to my OSR2?

If not, is there some sort of small rasberry Pi type computer which runs Joyfunplayer which I can plug my OSR2 into, which is also connected to my headset?

Or is my best bet buying a new computer (do I need VR ready specs for VR video/basic quest link no gaming?). Another option is to sell OSR2 and get a Handy

Have you ever figured this out? I’m deciding if the OSR2 is right for me, the handy works seamlessly but not sure how the OSR2 works