Other sites to purchase scripts?

Are there any other sites than Realsync that can be used to purchase scripts using crypto is not an option for me based on where I live is there anywhere that just accept credit cards?

Do you know SexLikeReal?
They accept creditcard, paypal and paysafe card via Epoch.
With this link you can see all available scipts:

You don’t need to have a premium account to buy scripts, they are separate from premium anyway.


and there is czechvr… great deal, subscripe (actually the first month costs only 12 bucks until 10th april) and donwload all the content, there are tons of great vids with funscripts. And they got vids up to 8k scale. So to be clear, just subscripe for one month, download everything you want and you can cancel the subscription… 12$ for about 200 vids and scripts. And the scripts are absoluteley perfect, top quality… some of the professional scripters here (like realcumber) are making the scripts for czechvr…

SLR is another good site for scripts, you should know this site cause many scripts from SLR are posted here like RS too. But both are expensive after some time… 3-4 bucks for one scripts without any video? Yeah sums up…

I would say, look at this https://www.czechvrnetwork.com/tag-teledildonics theres a list with all the vids that got scripts on czechvr network… you can look around without an account, if you like it, it is worth a one time subscription in my opinion.


I recommend CzechVR as well. There is no place where you get this many scripts for a few dollars. They have the promo now so it’s even cheaper than usual.

Just in case if you are not aware I also made a list of all freely avaliable scripts here: List of free VR scripts. You would be surprised how good quality most of those scripts are.

If crypto is not an option maybe you could find someone who will do the payment for you and you send them money in different way? It’s not ideal, but this is how I do it from time to time. Taxes for crypto would kill me otherwise.