Outage 2.0

Hi All,

Apologies for the second outage of the current year.
I attempted an update that went sideways. I typically would create a server snapshot to prevent an outage like this from lasting very long but for some reason the snapshot did not save us.

I restored from backup to March 2nd. Unfortunately data from today (3rd) will have been lost.

If you uploaded today, please upload again.

The admin team will be coming out with an announcement later this week or next week regarding our hosting solutions. There is light at the end of the tunnel.


Thanks for all the hard work. Looking forward to the announcement.

FWIW, the site is fucking fast right now lol.


I do notice the site is very fast, that might be because the lack of traffic right now however.


Just FYI but my banner at the top left says Discourse instead of Eroscripts now, I’m on mobile.

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Don’t know what you did but seems to be running smoother now

The branding is back on PC for the least. On mobile it’s still the default banner.

The 32*32 site favicon (shown in browser tab) is discourse default too.

These are merely cosmetic though. Very glad that the site is back to function again. Thanks Vlad.

Update break things…

It’s peak time now right? Site still seems quite snappy.

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Yeah idk why but the site seems to have settled at a much lower resource usage.
no idea why lol.

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