Paid scripts - buying the pig in a poke

I think there is a place for paid scripts here, if it can motivate more quality scripts being made and published.

I don’t usually buy scripts but when I recently did it got me thinking. I complained about the quality and got the response that the script was an interpretation and not supposed to be in sync. Disappointing to me - this wasn’t what I was looking for.

I think finding scripts is a problem in general, I don’t want to wade through hundreds of scripts to find something I like. But I don’t think free scripts need the same requirements, I can always just check it out and delete. Paid scripts are harder to grab but primarily I don’t want someone to make money off something I don’t like.

Can we somehow encourage more transparency when it comes to paid scripts? Should maybe information like script style, target device and script method be required when posting a paid script?


Most paid scripts are quite fine IMO. That said, there are some paid scripters whose work I do not like or they’re charging higher than market rate. For those, I simply remember their names and don’t purchase their work. All in all, it’s a modest expense but as in all things, caveat emptor. Maybe check out their work before they started selling paid scripts to see if you like their stuff?


Maybe posting along with the paid script a script with just a single section of the paid script & having that be free. Offering a sorta preview experience

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As much as I like to learn about scripting style it’s difficult to summarize in words. I think it’s the best if I get to see the script.

These are good things to have when posting paid scripts:

  • Release a short clip of the script for free so people can have a taste before actually buying the whole thing.
  • Make a screen recording of the script being played in OFS, as a preview.

The way I look at it is the same as hiring someone on Fiver (a site that you can pay people to make stuff for you like logos, websites, art etc). They have a portfolio of things I can view and see their work and then I make the decision based on that to hire them.

It’s the same with scripts imo, if a scripter doesn’t have free scripts that I can try to see their style/quality I just ignore their paid scripts. If I look at their free scripts and decide I like them, but then I buy a script and I don’t like it, that’s on me.

I’ve said it in a different post but I’ll repeat it here. I don’t think it should be allowed for people to only post paid scripts, this site shouldn’t be used as a store front. I’m not against having paid scripts posted on here but I don’t think it should be the whole purpose of someone being here.

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Sad to hear.

For every scripted video u can find a heatmap + sample script in my post. Scripted JOI videos are harder to check if the quality hits your taste, the most time a sample script don’t make sense here. I post the targeted Device (TheHandy) and the style (frame-by-frame).

I follow the discussion maybe I can make customers feel more safe with your ideas.

Hi Kinetics, I think this is a good subject.
For my scripting style its more like an interpretation and I think that it will always be for every scripter Because we try to let it feel real or adjust to what is wanted.

For example:

Some like a simple style up - down, some like to follow to speedmotion up down wich means more points along the way
Some like a detailed style
Some like a little bit crazy style
Some like a smooth no big amplitude style
Some like a vibro style

In reality the pussy is never going to vibrate :slight_smile:
At Gumroad there is an option to rate the script. I’ve got a lot of buyers that frequently come back so I guess a lot like my scripting style.

Giving more feedback or stars or whatever could give a better view of the quality of a script.

Tx for starting this topic

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I agree to Madscripts , trust is very important in selling scripts so its a good discussion.

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How is it possible to do this in OFS? Or is it just a self screen capture with nvidia / obs and then rerender?

Yes. I’m using sharex for this.

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Ahh ok. I thought maybe theres a plugin for it for OFS itself. Then im to lazy to add that lol

Sure. But I think this community could do better and put some more requirements on paid scripts. Do you see any downsides? Would it discourage a lot of scripters? I think charging for scripts in this (originally free) community is a privilige and some more requirements on paid scripts wouldn’t be strange to me.

Requiring a short representative “taste” sounds great to me. Easy to accomplish with OFS/JFS/whatever and not subjective (like script style).

I think this is harder to require, not super easy to accomplish. Need software and video hosting.

Eroscripts supports webm embedding. I’ve been doing this in all my posts lately, check them out if you like. But yes, it is a bit complicated and I don’t feel very motivated to do that for all my free scripts. Not something you want to enforce everyone to do.

Definitely, and I realise I don’t like the same stuff as others. Which I think make the topic important - how do I “get” that a script is for me before buying?

This is a very needed feature. Unfortunately it couldn’t get implemented (or at least hugecat couldn’t figure it out)

this is how i advertised my vr paid script for the stepmother and the whore by including a part of the full script for the bj scene

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What I hate in a script is missing movement, partial unsynced like using MTFG but not correcting endpoints, unnecessary rattle, too strong rattle, scripts what is seen not exaggerating for sleeve lag aka the boring script (every beginners pitfall me included). Too fast, parts over 600U/sec.
Would like to know if these are present before I buy. These are not under discussion as artform imho.
I guess there are mods who would do the check for a free copy?

I feel like posting an “interpreted/not in sync” script without specifically explaining that is insane. Even if it was free that seems like a pretty important thing to just forget to mention in a script post. Even pmv scripts usually tag either audio or action based. Wtf even is an “interpreted” script that doesnt sync with the video?