Topic Ratings Plugin

Could be a useful feature for this forum? If people don’t bother posting verbal feedbacks under script topics, maybe they’ll be good clicking some stars.


unfortunately i tried to install that a long long time ago and it just never worked. not really sure why

Maybe something has changed since that long long time ago? Especially since the linked topic is clearly still being watched and issues reported with it seems like fixes occurring or being suggested?

Ratings on this site barely make sense since its also category and preference dependant. If someone doesnt like futa, and rates it low, its a meaningless rating, but does influence results.
Thats where i think upvotes do a better job.

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I would personally expect people to ignore the video if they are deciding to rate the script (the site is specifically for scripts not for videos)…however that is hard to do so I would instead hope that they don’t rate at all. You can blacklist users and tags for a reason and well not doing so or ignoring that just so you dunk on something you hate is asking for you to have an intervention of some kind.

It’s a common internet rule I feel at this point of mess around and find out how bad things will get.