Paid Upscale Request

Hi All,

Not sure where to post this request.
Currently contracting with a scriptor to get some “older” videos scripted. I have the closest to source versions of these videos in 320p, 480p and some 720p that I purchased from adult empire, Jules Jordan, etc.
Looking to have these upscaled as my computer doesn’t have the capacity and the software needed is expensiveeee.
I’m looking to share all of these videos and scripts for free so hoping whomever offers is willing to provide the service as fairly as possible.
Admins, please feel free to recategorize this post.

Thank you all in advance.

Hi there,

How many videos do you have? I typically charge between $5-15 per video depending on how many work is needed and if the customer is looking for color correction and HFR’ing along with the upscaling.

Hi @g90ak let me PM you!