Parameters when printing osr2 parts

Hi guys, everyone! Great job, tell me the parameters when printing osr2 parts, no one really tells you anywhere? (((
Thank you in advance!

i personally used .2mm layerheight for most parts. 200 to 210 degrees C for pla and a print speed of 40mm/s for inner walls and around 60 to 80 for outer walls.

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thank you for your prompt reply!Can I take a photo?

The settings all depends on what printer you have and what pla wire you use. But the parts are really basic so any default slicer settings for your printer should work just fine.

tweaking will at best only save you some time or get you a little extra quality


No supports required. For a bit of added strength, I’d recommend about four perimeters, and about 20% infill (cubic, adaptive cubic, or gyroid).

If you intend to use scripts with a lot of fast action, definitely go for the cooling fan option, and also use something with more heat resistance than PLA or PETG. I’m using PC with my current incarnation, but even ABS/ASA will resist warping better than PLA and PETG.

As for layer height, there’s no real reason to go below 0.2mm. 0.3mm might work out as well, and print a bit faster. I used the 0.2mm speed profile in PrusaSlicer.

Details beyond that should be normal for the printer and filament in question.

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