Perspective in VR

Is it just me or does a lot of VR have terrible perspective? Either the girls are giants or the dick looks like its about where my chest is. Some studios are alot worse than others, but very few seem to consistently get it correct. I’ve tried playing around with the settings in the various VR players but a lot are so bad that even maxing out the settings still looks wrong.

Using quest 2 and whirligig.

I do agree on oftentime wrong distances and angles. The quality varies between different producers though.

Alternatively try watching on your Quest with DeoVR player. Simply go to in Deo browser

sometime I’m moving the POV a little bit backward and it’s better

One thing that I can suggest is to read comments for the video you want to watch before watching it, sometimes you can figure out if the angles are ok or not based on that. You can always try to zoom in/out and tilt the camera a little to make it better, but it can be really annoying if you have to do this multiple times during same video.

There is also this great list of scenes that have things done right by @vrpicasso:


Whoa! Thanks so much for this list! I’d better get to downloading!!!

Appreciate the comments.

I used DeoVR in the past, but wanted to use scriptplayer. Whirligig is a bit clunky but has loads more customisation options unless DeoVR has had some serious updates. Will try it again now scriptplayer has DeoVR support.

Will check out that list, although I already spotted a few on there that i found terrible :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know deovr works with slr inactive app and all these scripts?

Yeah, thats what i was using before I got the Quest 2. The phone with the app on used to get extremely hot though and drained the battery so fast. Just easier to use my pc.

i actualy like it when the perspective isnt perfect especialy during blowjobs when the camera is too close, your closer to the action.
I find the predominantly POV scenes getting a bit tedious always the same three angles and 5-6 positions (vrbangers are to be commended for trying to find a new position in their latest scene with lauren philips but it seemed uncomfortable and forced).
And there arent a lot of quality non-pov makers out there (reality lovers is an exception). Pervrt also makes them but they are not of a high quality and even worse i find the sleazy hairy old guy a complete turnoff no matter how the girl looks.

I noticed this with the reverb g2 and deovr. I have to zoom out the scene. Then i need to focus on one point and move the horizontal offset until i get a focused image. I sometimes use the sharpen to get a more of a 3d image to focus on and tweak.

Every studio had this issue when they started out, so older scenes are more prone to have this issue. I think one of the reasons was that they used two camera’s ‘glued’ together because camera’s made specifically for VR weren’t around or too expensive at that time.

I noticed with SkyboxVR that it’s very easy to adjust a better angle by just using the trigger, but i don’t think scripts work with it. :cry:

How would you expect a script to function?