Picking your brain for a new VR stamina training video

Hi Folks,

I’m currently working on a new VRPMV stamina training video. It will be similar in style to the Stamina training POP video I made a few months back. The theme is channel hopping so the idea is standard song length videos with shorter videos (about 1/1.5 minutes) based around theme tunes.

Im after any suggestions of theme tunes that people thing will give a good script and ideally have an obvious theme. To give you an idea I have an X-men one I posted a while back and ive already done a anime one and one based on friends.


Would really love to make it happen Enjoy VR porn compilations and PMVs. Create your own from SLR Originals and other producers

While i appreciate the offer I consider this a hobby. Not looking for work just hoping some of our braintrust here has some ideas.

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