Pigasus media player now has Handy/funscript support

I saw a post in The Handy Reddit that the newest version of Pigasus now supports The Handy & funscripts. I have a HP Reverb G2 so I can’t use it but it is another option for you Oculus/Gear users.


Just got the player for the first time (only use DEO normally). The picture quality on it is night and day compared to Deo, it has SMB (which I prefer over DLNA) and the funscripts work perfectly with Handy. Pretty impressed.


Do you have to have internet connection to access the app?

They basically said ‘No’, or at least ‘not on our roadmap’ to adding scripts, for a long time. I guess competition is good.

i will echo what @getahek911 said. picture quality on pigasus is excellent…best of all player imho

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I’m using version version 4.0.2 and the app crashes after a few strokes. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

hands down the best when it comes to video quality, imo. Hopefully it comes to the pc and support streaming.

I just picked up a quest 2 and got this app. plays videos fine. says it connects to Handy and light is green, but as soon as I play a video no joy… and the light kinda changes to two icons one of which is red. Thought maybe the handy server was down but then it work on SLR. Any ideas?