Pin came disconnected from motor on handy

Got a brand new handy and on the second use the motor fucked up. The little pin that connects into the motor that the screw rail is mounted on came lose. Is there any fixing this?

If it’s brand new then it should be under warranty. Contact TheHandy (or the retailer if you didn’t buy it on TheHandy website).

I was to eager to use it so i took it apart and fixed it. Had to go the pin into the barrel that sits between the magnets. Also had to downgrade the firmware and reupdate. For some reason it was in some weird mode that caused the motor to constantly spin down

Good that it worked. I was just worried that warranty might be void if you started fixing things yourself on a brand new device and didn’t manage to solve it.

If it isn’t too much of a bother would you mind going into slight detail on how you opened and fixed your handy. I have purchases a couple handys and every time i get this red/white flashing indicating its stuck or something but all the manufactures say is that they’d send a new one, but if there’s a way to fix it then and not wait a whole week and a half to receive a new one that may end up with the same problem anyway then I’d like to at least try.

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The Handy has several design flaws that will cause it to eventually break.
The bottom cap is actually part of the structural design and there is only a thin 1mm wafer of plastic keeping it steady on two sides where the screws attach it to the bottom. If either breaks, the motor can no longer center and the device is broken until you replace the entire bottom cap.
Additionally, inside the motor itself there is a 0.7mm thick ceramic washer that keeps the shaft of the motor captive so that the screw drive doesn’t drive the shaft up or down too much and cause the same problem. This wafer thin washer can shatter during use and break the handy as well. I’ve had three break on me due to these issues and I’ve found the only way to mitigate this is to force a 5%-95% stroke length in software so the motor doesn’t bottom/top out the shaft and prevents stress to these two parts.


I believe that if the light flashes red and white that means it failed to calibrate properly. I noticed when I took it apart the plastic piece that holds the stroker has a white sticker on it that passes over an IR chip and that’s how it calibrates. Maybe the sticker got damaged somehow.

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