Please HELP! blurry vr video in heresphere/virtualdesktop/pico4

hello people!
I have enjoyed vr videos with my old computer (windows 10, rtx 2070 super, 16g ram, i7) with sharp good video quality.
Now I have bought a new computer (windows 11, RTX 4070, 32 g ram, i7-14700KF).
Now I have got worse, blurrier quality in my vr videos (6k-8k), how is that possible?

I have pico 4/ virtualdesktop/ asus rt ax-55/ connected directly to pc with cable/ heresphere (I’ve also tested virualdesktop’s video player, same result there). The problem is that the videos look a bit blurry and not as sharp as before, not a bad picture but not as good as with the old computer. games work fine with sharp picture…
I’ve tried raising the resolution in both heresphere, virtualdesktop and steamvr, only a small improvement.
I have also updated everything, windows 11, graphics card, etc
I must have missed some settings somewhere??

Have any of you experienced this?
Or do you have any ideas what I should do?
Thanks for any suggestions!!

This is almost certainly a driver issue.
Previous versions of software and drivers are usually the culprit when you’re experiencing New Component issues.

Moving from a 20xx to 40xx video card is a considerable upgrade.

Try these in order:

  1. Make sure you have the latest versions of heresphere, virtualdesktop, and steamvr (uninstall and reinstall just to be sure).

    AND make sure you’re using the latest drivers on your Video Card and Pico Headset.

  2. Update the drivers on your WIFI Router

  3. Upgrade Motherboard BIOS

thank you so much for reply!
what you say makes sense, i’ll give it a try this weekend!

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