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Please help me set up mys osr2+

Hey i got osr2+ but i dont know how to set this thing up i instaled the drivers and now what there should be some kind of instruction or something


I’m in the same boat. Can’t get it to move now for months. Gave up, but if I had some help i’d get back on it.

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if i will figure it out i will help you


Was the same for me. Buy the handy on send the Osr in a box somewhere in the house

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This isn’t a comprehensive guide but hope this helps. *First step applies to connecting OSR via USB only. I’ll have to defer to others to provide steps to connect OSR via wireless/bluetooth since mine can’t.

  1. Download and open MultiFunPlayer (MFP)- this is one of the apps you could use to connect/sync your OSR to your PC.

    • to connect MFP to OSR via USB: Click the Serial tab at the bottom of MFP, click the down arrow on the far right to reveal adtl. settings, choose the serial port#/usb port your osr2 is connected to on your PC, click the ‘play button’ icon to connect OSR to PC (it’s possible MFP will have auto connected to OSR on open).
  • if you don’t already have it, download one of the video players listed at the top of MFP (I use DeoVR, Heresphere for VR and MPV for 2d video)

  1. Download a free video + script of your choosing

    • Ensure the video file name AND the script file name are the same. If not, MFP won’t know to sync the video/script together)
  2. Open video player and navigate to where you saved the video +script and open.

    *2d video; I suggest testing 2d video first via MPV since you just drag/drop the video into MPV and hit play. OSR should start moving/syncing with the movements of the video.

    *for VR video: Refer to this link. Although OSR isn’t listed as a use case the instructions are similar.


I am waiting for mine to arrive, saving this thread incase I need help. Please post any lessons learned.

Edit: @Sscott237890 @Cerbere @Hikikomori you have all been dmed

I would be happy to help. I am sorry if you reached out to me and this was never addressed.

When you plug in the device to the USB do you get the USB sound?

Have you installed the Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge driver?

With the device plugged in go to device manager and take a screen shot and DM it to me so i can see if there are any errors with the drivers for the device.

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Thanks, I now have the driver installed and Windows sees it correctly, I have MFP installed and connected green to the serial. What voltage should the power supply be set on?

5 volts is recommended

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Does it run well

Thanks, set to 5 volts. I’ve got MPV connected, Serial Connected, voltage correct, red light on in the back of the OSR, and video with script playing and synced in MFP, and no moment.

Still trying.

make sure you’ve selected the correct COM port (COM3 or COM4…), also kinda obvious (not trying to be smartass or something) - but also make sure the toggle switch is ON to get power to the servos.

No worries, It’s connecting in MultiFunPlayer and staying connected (green) on COM6. The device doesn’t react whether the switch is turned left or right.

  • Does your OSR move at all when you first power it on (regardless if it’s connected to ur PC)? It should.
  • Does the heatmap appear when you add the script? If so, OSR doesn’t move even when it’s playing within the heatmap parts?
  • Try switching to a different COM port, unplug/replug USB back in (or try a different USB port alltogether), or unplug usb and power from OSR then replugging back in. Sounds basic but actually helps ‘reset’ OSR/MFP sometimes for me when it gets wonky.

It does not move at all when I first power it on.
Yes, the heatmap appears, and no it does not move when it’s playing within the heatmap parts.
Will keep trying to get it working with your idea on bullet 3.

If the device does not ‘home’ when you first power it, that should help narrow down the problem.

At minimum, the servos should jerk into their respective center positions and hold.

Maybe a dumb question, but after you set everything up in the Serial tab, did you hit the tiny play button on the tab?

Correct, there is no reaction to power. The red light behind it only comes on and off when the USB cord is plugged into a port.

Yes, and it now says Serial Connected. That’s the only one.