Please someone....I can't find anything online to answer this

Well, here is another cpu/windows issue… :roll_eyes:
I had this issue with my Asus. I can’t figure it out and I don’t know where to go. I know this is a funscript site but I need some help.
I continue to run out of space on this laptop. Yes, I don’t have a lot of storage…it is only a $200 laptop but this is ridiculous.
I don’t do ANYTHING with the laptop other than script. I have NO MUSIC, NO MOVIES, NO DOCUMENTS, NO POWERPOINTS, NOTHING…on this laptop. A few pics are saved on the desktop but that is it. And some small apps.
So I look at this…

Screenshot (118)

26.4 gb in documents folder? I go and look at it and there is NOTHING in it. I can’t find 26.4 gb of ANYTHING in this folder. I can’t delete anything to open up space. This is all that is in the documents folder…

Screenshot (119)

And there is nothing in it.

If anyone knows anything and can help, please.

I can only think of 2 things:

  1. Someone used/uses this laptop other than you, and has turned hidden folders being visible off in the folder options. So there would be a hidden folder full of stuff, presumably porn.
  2. Virus of some sort, and I don’t know enough to help in any way with getting rid of any.

Try running it will show you visually where all the space on the drive is being used. That’s a good way to find out where junk/temp files are.

Nobody else uses this, @Alterworlds Unless my cats are using it while I am asleep. :smile: Yeah, there is ALOT of porn searching and perusing and all. But THAT IS ALL I do on this laptop. It is strictly to script and play scripts.
I’ll try and do the suggestion @dastardlii
This shit is becoming REALLY frustrating. Windows security says I am ok…but there could be issues. I just don’t know enough about anything Windows.

There’s a free utility you can download called WinDirStat that will scan your drive(s) and will show you exactly what is taking up space. Once you identify and delete unwanted files you can reference this article and check to see if you want to recover more usable space by adjusting recovery, hibernation, and pagefile size settings.

Well, apparently the culprit is MEGA. And it is all in the rubbish bin. Which I thought I have cleared.

Screenshot (120)

That is the shit taking up so much space. Do you guys know how to resolve this?

Well, I figured it out. It IMMEDIATELY opened up almost half my storage…from 174 mb free to 23.4 gb free. WTF?


Guys, thank you SO VERY MUCH FOR THE HELP. I do appreciate it so much. This shit was driving me nuts.

Yeah, if you have the mega desktop tool, it tends to keep it’s own rubbish bin separate from the system recycle bin. If you look in the settings of the mega app, there’s an option to clear it. Might just want to make a habit of clearing it once a week or so.

Not sure if it helps , sometimes i do empty my recycle bin from time to time to clear them up :slight_smile:

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I didn’t know. I set it to clear rubbish after 7 days. Man, I wish they would have explained that in the beginning!
I was losing my mind ova here!

Maybe you can configure Mega to use the D: drive for its rubbish folder? I assume that you have a D: given that your C: drive is only 60GB. Even cheap laptops should have more disk space than that. My guess is that you have an additional 60GB on a D: drive (typically a 128GB SSD drive).

Was gonna say, this site is a perfect place to ask a question like this (within reason of course). A LOT of knowledgeable people in here. I am particularly fascinated by the programmers and their work in the software section.

I believe by default everything you put on Mega is synced on your local drive and on their platform. You can set up Mega to not sync certain folders and uploaded files will only be in the cloud. You just have to go into Mega settings (from the desktop app), go to the Folders section and set your exclude folders. Once that is set up, you use the desktop app to upload then delete your local copy. I haven’t tested it but I believe you can exclude a previously synced folder then delete your local copies without losing the ones online but I sure would test that first lol.

This. It’s probably auto downloading/syncing with a mega folder, so you want to change your settings to prevent this

I think I have it resolved. With you guys’ help, I know where to look and delete the rubbish bin if I didn’t do it right. Again, MUCH THANKS! I should have asked sooner. Would have kept my blood pressure much lower much sooner. :wink:

Evilpapa check if your laptop supports m2 disks(like a memory module size harddisk superfast) if it does just buy a 1tb or something of this drive to replace yours. Way more speed on read and write actions. Lots of space it will help a lot timewise for scripting copying etc

ooooffff. That goes abit above my head. Do you mean replace my external HD?

Do you have a link or a pic of what I would be looking for?

He is talking about disks that looks like this: M.2 - Wikipedia
My guess is that you have no extra expansion slots given the cheap price. Usually things like expansion slots are cut from cheaper designs to keep production costs low. Those that have it usually have it on the motherboard and it’s not uncommon that you have to open up the laptop to install such a disk.

Gotcha. OOOO…cracking open the body of the laptop to install. Yeah…no…I GUARANTEE I would screw it up!